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Hello, Kia ora and welcome to our website!


We are Charlotte and James Maddock and we started this website as a way of sharing the               with you! And we do this by sharing three important things:

Travel inspiration (via our gallery and videos);

Guidance and help (via our blogs and travel guides!); and

Relatability (by sharing the real us and our real moments). 


Charlotte (27) is from Christchurch, New Zealand and James (29) is from Moorine Rock; a small country town in Western Australia. Truly, Google says it has a population of 70 (and we have a sinking feeling that might be inflated too).


We met in 2011 when we were both studying abroad in Indiana, America. I (Charlotte) would love to say it was love at first sight, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. James was the immature Aussie who swapped my sugar out for salt, asked if I shagged sheep on the daily and drew phalluses all over my textbooks. But somehow, by some miracle here we are – eight years later.

Charlotte Maddock James Maddock Wedding awaywithcj cjmaddock

Over the last few years we have learnt a lot about ourselves - the people we want to be and what it is that truly matters to us. Things we don’t ever want to stop learning about.

Here's our last few years in a nutshell:

  • In 2015,  we bought a 1975 Kombi Van (Vinnie the VW) and got engaged!


  • In 2016,  we took a year off work and road-tripped Australia in Vinnie  (…until he broke down).


  • In 2017, we settled back in Perth and worked for the State Government, saving up to pay for our wedding (and Vinnie’s mechanical bill).


  • In 2018,  we got married (yay!) and travelled to the Kimberley for our honeymoon. We continued working in the WA State Government.


  • Last year, 2019, we were itching to get back on the open road and saw one of our lifelong dreams come true - getting Vinnie shipped to New Zealand. We spent time exploring NZ, the Kimberley Australia, Malaysia, China, Indonesia and had an absolute blast. 

  • And this year, 2020? Well it already looks and feels a little like 2019. Again, we don’t have a concrete plan and we are very excited to see what adventures we get up to. We are currently back in New Zealand (with Vinnie) and after that? Who knows! All we know is we are excited to keep finding the joy and sharing it with you.

So join us - connect with us - come away with us!

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Charlotte &James

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