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What camera gear do you use?

Thanks to an amazing wedding gift from Charlotte, we now have the Nikon d850 camera! We use the Nikkor 16-35mm and 28-300mm lenses which cover us for most occasions, and the Samyang 24mm (f1.2) for night photography. We love our NiSi filters and MeFoto tripod too (highly recommend this as a lightweight, sturdy and inexpensive tripod). Due to an unfortunate drone incident (RIP Doug, we know you're looking down on us) we now have the Mavic Pro 2 (he's called Cliff, in memory of Doug's resting place).

How do you edit your photographs?

We use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. If you would like to know more, let us know and we’ll endeavour to put a blog up!

When did you get married?

Ok so no-one actually asks us this but we're still super excited about it! We got married earlier last year (2018) down in Busselton, Western Australia. It was the best day and we even went to McDonald's for a celebratory cheese burger.

What are your favourite things?


  • Our beautiful friends and family (including Vinnie and our cat CJ);

  • Road-tripping together;

  • Watching the sun rise and set; and

  • National Parks.



  • McDonald's Value Meals;

  • Finding online promo codes that actually work;

  • Skipping the intro on a TV show perfectly; and

  • Cheap avocados.

What are your least favourite things?


  • Conflict;

  • People that walk on the wrong side of the footpath;

  • RUDE people; and

  • Earthquakes and other natural disasters.



  • Folding fitted sheets;

  • Paying for tomato sauce in cafes;

  • Dropping camera equipment and crashing drones; and

  • Trying to spread cold butter/margarine on fresh bread.

How do you afford to travel?

We work hard and save our pennies. We aim to put at least 60% of our pay (when we're employed!) into a travel fund. (We have a high interest account which stops paying interest if we make a withdrawal - we find this very motivating!). The remaining 40% of our pay then goes towards paying back our debts (degrees, Kombi breakdowns and weddings can be really expensive haha) and living costs (groceries, rent, bills, health insurance, etc).

Where is your favourite place in Australia?

Our favourite place in all of Australia is without a doubt, Karijini National Park in Western Australia. You know those places you can’t help but keep returning to? And every time you visit, you somehow have an even better time than the last? That’s Karijini for us. If you want more information on Karijini, let us know here and we'll do up a blog! 

What’s your top travel tip?

Embrace the moment. Make it your own. Not a duplicate of someone else’s.


We love photographing beautiful landscapes but even more so, we love our stories that are attached to those moments; those photos. For you, you might look at one of our pictures and see the two of us sitting hand in hand with the sky magically lighting up. For us, we might look at the same photo and laugh; remembering waking up at 4:00am, only to find Vinnie wouldn’t start, a possum had somehow gotten into our rubbish and ants had made their way into our fridge. Suddenly, we had to change our sunrise plans - the sunrise plans we’d carefully thought out and organised the day before. 


I guess what we’re trying to say is don’t put all your energy into getting the ‘perfect shot’ but instead, put that energy into creating a moment, an experience, a bit of joy that you’ll want to hold on to forever. Who knows, you might have more fun push starting your ant filled van to the sunrise than you’ll have watching it.