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Questions we are asked almost every single day.

And our answer is usually filled with a long list of the various components we plan and research beforehand. What time of day is best, if there are particular weather conditions to be aware of like tidal times, what we need to pack, where we can park, if a fee is involved etc. etc. Anyone that travels knows how time consuming this process can be, and for us, it usually involves researching a wide range of platforms including (but not limited to) Instagram, weather websites, travel blogs, photography websites, news articles, word of mouth and satellite images.  

Our ethos for away with CJ is simple. It's to share the joy with you by providing a combination of three things:

- inspiration;

- relatability; and

- advice.

New Zealand Travel Guides The CJ Way


==the cj way++

And when we started reflecting on these three things, we realised we could make a real difference.

We could give you relatable guidance and advice so you could visit some of the most beautiful spots in New Zealand and have more time to do what really matters - sit there, take it all in, and be inspired.

We realised we could remove the need for you to sit at the computer for hours and hours, searching for the best time to visit or if there's a cost involved, by simply sharing. Sharing all the personal research and planning we do - but here's the best part - we realised we could share it in quick and easy  guides with our own photo tips added in too. 

So we are beyond excited to welcome you to:

How did you take that photo? Where is it? 

Was it easy?

  ==the cj way++     Relatable advice to get you inspired

Click on the map and you will find a selection of our favourite locations and landscapes around New Zealand with all the info you need to plan your visit (our goal is for the map to become interactive so please bear with us!). No need to research or plan - everything you need to know is there - including links to the specific websites we use. And if you find yourself still left with a question - leave us a message/comment and we will get back to you ASAP!

Please note - we are working hard to get as many guides online as we can - so keep checking back as more are uploaded!

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