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24 Hours in Collie

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

The best thing about roadtrips is that they can be as big or as small as you want. We recently had just over 24 hours free and decided to spend it exploring Collie. We’d never been to this part of the Southwest before so we were pretty excited to see what was in store for us.

Where and what is Collie?

Collie is just over two hours South of Perth, basically directly in line with Bunbury (but inland of course!). It is a coal mining town characterised by National Parks, dams, rivers and lakes.

What did we do?

1. Black Diamond Lake

Our first spot was the famous Black Diamond Lake with its sparkling blue water. As soon as we arrived we couldn’t believe the colour of the water – definitely the bluest we had ever seen. We spent a couple of hours here, ogling the water and dipping our toes in. (We were a bit hesitant to fully swim as there are health warnings for the Lake).


  • Bring a floatie so you can spend the day relaxing on the crystal clear water!

  • We think the lake would be brightest on a cloudless day and early in the morning.

2. Honeymoon Pool

Completely different to Black Diamond Lake, Honeymoon Pool is a serene and shady spot surrounded by big, beautiful peppermint trees. A gorgeous spot to sit and read your book, go for a dip or wonder why folding fitted sheets is so damn hard.


  • We think Honeymoon Pool is best in the early morning – if you’re trying to get a picture here it can get shady pretty quickly so try come within an hour or two of the sun coming up!

3. Potters Dam

Our top pick! We spent most of our time here for two reasons: firstly, it was right by our campsite and secondly, it was much less busy than Honeymoon Pool and Black Diamond Lake (you could easily find your own secluded spot.) We picnicked, swum and watched both a beautiful sunrise and sunset here.


  • Pack your floatie for here too!

  • Potters Dam would make for a great milky way shot if you’re planning on visiting during the Winter months.

Where did we stay?

We camped in Wellington National Park right by Potters Gorge. It was beautiful bush camping and only a two minute walk to watch the sun rise and set over the Dam. There are loads of other National Park campgrounds in the area, including Honeymoon Pool.

Can you suggest a weekend itinerary?

Saturday (Perth -> North Dandalup Dam -> Black Diamond Lake -> Potters Gorge)

  • Leave Perth in the morning so you can get to Black Diamond Lake as early as possible (on your way you can stop in at North Dandalup Dam for a swim).

  • Spend a few hours at Black Diamond Lake – have lunch and go for a swim (or float)!

  • Once you’ve had enough of the beautiful blue water, head over to Potters Gorge and set up camp for the night.

  • Relax by the dam - have a picnic and then watch the sun go down.

Sunday (Wellington Dam -> Honeymoon Pools -> Serpentine Falls -> Perth)

  • Wake up early and watch the sunrise over the dam.

  • Head to Honeymoon Pool for some relaxation and a swim.

  • Return to Potters Gorge and pack up camp (if you haven’t already. )

  • Start making your way back to Perth in the early afternoon (with one final stop at Serpentine Falls on the way).

Have you been to Collie? What was your favourite activity?

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