8 amazing and free activities to do in the Catlins, New Zealand!

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Our first week on the road included a few days in the beautiful Catlins and we thought we would share our top eight (and free!!) experiences with you all!

The Catlins Forest Park is about 7 hours from Christchurch and just 2.5 from Dunedin (and only 1.5 hours to the first main attraction - Nugget Point Lighthouse). We were surprised to find the area so peaceful and quiet – the few days we were there we hardly saw a soul. There’s also barely any cell phone reception, which only adds to the serenity. I have to say the whole place well and truly exceeded our expectations. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets every day, waterfalls galore, wildlife a plenty and beautiful, quiet, quiet beaches. We were blown away by the diverse beauty staring us straight in the face each day. If you’re wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we’d seriously suggest the Catlins.

P.S before I get right into the top eight – I would like to dedicate this blog (if you can even dedicate a blog!?) to you Dad – I know you really want to explore the Catlins, and I really hope you get to. Ok here goes – top eight coming right up!

1. Koropuku Falls

A beautiful waterfall, made even more beautiful by its backstory (which you can read about here). The Falls are still very much a hidden gem, and it only takes you a quick 10-15 minute walk to get there. We recommend visiting in the early afternoon as the sunlight peeping over top of the falls truly makes you feel like you’re in some enchanting movie. With fairies. Definitely fairies. If you’re up for it