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CJ Weekly 3 - Queenstown

Kia Ora and hello! Welcome to the third edition of the CJ weekly. Week three on the road saw us explore the adventure filled Queenstown (full blog on Queenstown coming this week!) and included James’ highest high (Fergburger) and his lowest low (slicing into his leg with a stanley knife). More on both of these below in our likes and dislikes! This week, we also thought we would add in five things we pondered while on the road. If you have answers to any - please get in touch!



  • TOTAL $1,791.55 (Combined for weeks 1-3)

  • This week blew out ($801.32) , with a trip to the Emergency Department, numerous Ferg Burgers and daily visits to Mitre 10 (while we were converting Vinnie into a self contained camper!)



  1. Staying with Missy, Meg and Hayley in Queenstown. This wasn’t something we just loved willy nilly, this was something we loved as passionately as Ryan Gosling in the Notebook. The most welcoming flatmates and the most beautiful house, we had an absolute blast here. Missy even gave us her bed for a couple of nights. Missy, there’s no way you won’t be going to heaven. Just no way.

  2. Watching the sunrise from the Ben Lomond saddle. One of the best walks/hikes/tramps we have ever done… and probably the reason we ended up doing it twice.

  3. FINALLY passing our self containment certification! That’s right guys, if you see us on the road and need to go to the toilet, pop right in and have a wee in Vinnie! I’m joking, that would be quite odd (but hilarious nonetheless). It may have taken us three different toilets, and one failed inspection but we are loving our little pop up pooper and plastic pink sink! (I’m thinking James should write up a blog on how we became self contained!).

  4. Calling Fergburger 39 times and being told our order would be ready in just TWENTY MINUTES! 20!! As in a third of an hour. Basically five mins. Absolutely unheard of. They too will be going to heaven I’m sure.

  5. James excitedly buying a Fergburger tee shirt and rushing to put it on straight away (literally right outside the shop like a true Ferg Fan). Only to discover it was in fact a woman’s tee shirt and super tight across his chest. I will not trade this memory for anything. (Make sure you watch right to the end of the video so you too can enjoy this glorious moment!).


  1. James slicing his leg with a stanley knife. We named the cut Stan.

  2. A trail of toilet paper being left everywhere we went. Walks, beaches, picnic areas, even spots we just quickly pulled into to let the ever-growing traffic behind us pass. When we got to the summit of Ben Lomond and there were knickers on the track (in addition to the toilet paper) I almost threw up. I don’t know if I have ever been so enraged. I will never understand how people can think this is an ok thing to do.

  3. Forgetting our headtorches after walking up Ben Lomond for sunset and coming back in the dark. Running into billy goats in the pitch black is actually scarier than it sounds. Trust us on this.

  4. Paying $2.99 for a cucumber. I feel like if we’re making a salad, cucumber is quite essential but at the end of the day, it kind of just tastes like water? I dunno, $2.99 just seems a bit steep. I think my max price would be around the $1.89 mark. Perhaps $2.29 if it’s a real biggie?

  5. James changing the dressing on Stan too early. And me trying to watch until it split back open. Nurse Char was very shortlived.


  1. Calling Ferg 64 times and finally getting through, only to be told they had just had a power cut and weren’t taking any phone orders. I don’t know if I have ever seen such extreme hanger before (James had been tossing up which burger he was going to get alllllll day). We had a talk the next day about how to manage hanger and came up with a few strategies. Divorce may have been mentioned.

  2. A group of 20 drunk teenagers begging us for a ride into town in Vinnie. For some reason they kept calling us the Shaggy mobile. My only thought was James looked like Shaggy? Or maybe Scoobie Doo? Any ideas?

  3. James trying to shower lying down so he wouldn’t get Stan wet. That’s right guys, Missy’s place even catered for disabled/injured access.


  1. Is Fergburger considered the best burger in the world?

  2. Is Queenstown busier in summer or winter?

  3. How many pet billy goats have been named Bill or Billy?

  4. Who came up with the concept of hanger? Are they famous now?

  5. Why does Australia have so few standalone supermarkets?


We hope you enjoyed our third edition of the CJ weekly! And for those of you wondering, Stan is healing quite nicely now! And James is still pretty stoked with the free tetanus injection he got! I love his ability to find the silver lining in any situation.

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