Five beautiful waterfalls to explore in Bali

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Bali is full to the brim with beautiful waterfalls and we thought we would share our five favourites – especially as some of them are lesser known (and we would love for you to experience them!)

1. Tibumana Waterfall (Air Terjun Tibumana)

While Tibumana might be considered quite a ‘simple’ waterfall, it was easily our favourite in all of Bali. We had a wonderful time swimming in the beautiful green plunge pool (it wasn’t too cold) and agreed the picturesque waterfall really reminded us of Millaa Millaa Falls in Queensland.

It’s a short (and easy) walk down to the falls – only taking about 5-8 minutes. We arrived early - around sunrise (6am) and while the gate down to the falls was closed, it wasn’t locked and could be gently pushed open. We ended up having the falls to ourselves for about an hour – with other travellers seeming to arrive around 7am. (When we left around 7:30am, eight other people had already arrived). We had so much fun trying to capture different angles of Tibumana with both the camera and drone. From above you get such a different perspective of the waterfall – it seems to just suddenly emerge from the moss covered cliffs .

Please note – if you are arriving early (and the ticket counter isn’t open), make sure you pay admission as you leave!

Tibumana Quick Facts:

  • 15k per person

  • Car and scooter parking available (free)

  • Toilet at the bottom of the waterfall

  • 5-10 minute easy walk down (concrete steps)

  • Seems to get busy very early so arrive as early as possible

  • No swimming in the cave or under the waterfall (this is sacred)

GPS Coordinates: 8°30'24.2"S 115°19'58.8"E

2. Pucak Manik Waterfall (Wanagiri Pucak Manik)

We have NO idea why this waterfall isn’t more popular. Especially because when you visit – you actually get three waterfalls for the price of one (50k).

We absolutely adored this tall waterfall and it’s calming, tranquil vibe. The track that leads you to the waterfall was easily our favourite too – as you descend into the lush forest, you are greeted with handmade bamboo bridges and quaint little wooden passages. It was also really refreshing to walk down to a waterfall without being harassed by storekeepers – this was the first waterfall walk we did in Bali that had no stalls on the track.

We arrived at Pucak Manik around 9am and stayed until 10:30am (ish) and couldn’t believe no one else arrived. If you’re looking for a place to relax and have some quiet time – we would highly recommend Pucak Manik Waterfall.

Lastly - if you’re worried about sunlight blowing out your shot of Pucak Manik Waterfall, we would recommend arriving no later than three hours after the sun comes up (based on the way the waterfall is facing).

Pucak Manik Quick Facts:

  • 50k per person to visit all three waterfalls (a bottle of water is also included in this price)

  • No plunge pool to swim in at the bottom

  • Car and Scooter parking (free)

  • 15 minute walk down (concrete stairs – but be warned - they can be quite big!)

  • Seems very quiet and off the usual ‘tourist’ path, so you could arrive a little later here

  • A beautiful place for a picnic as you can easily find your own secluded spot

  • Enjoy exploring all the wooden bridges and walkways and use these to frame your shots

GPS Coordinates: 8°12'46.1"S 115°06'31.5"E

3. Leke Leke Waterfall

Most blogs online call Leke Leke the ‘hidden gem’ of Bali and suggest that because it’s so unknown you will likely have the place to yourself. For us, this however wasn’t the case – we think Leke Leke might be the up and coming waterfall of Bali! (and rightfully so – it is truly gorgeous).

We arrived at Leke Leke around 9am and there were two separate groups already there taking photos. Luckily for us, as we got closer to the falls, both groups magically happened to pack up and head off (either magic or a classic case of ‘the ol' cj people repellent’).