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Jurien Bay - A Weekend Away

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

One of the easiest weekend roadtrips from Perth is Jurien Bay/Lancelin! Beautiful calm beaches, the golden Pinnacles and pristine sand dunes – this wee slice of the Coral Coast has it all.

Here are our top five activities for a weekend trip (two nights):

1. Watch the sunset at the Pinnacles

This has to be one of the most beautiful spots to watch the sun go down. We suggest packing a picnic and taking your time here – usually the colours are best once the sun has gone and that beautiful pink glow has arrived! And if you’re not short of time, wait around and watch the Milky Way rise. (Best in Winter months.)

2. Watch the sunrise at the old Jurien Bay Jetty

Pack yourself breakfast and spend the morning here – the crystal clear water will blow you away!

3. Camp at Sandy Bay Campground

This wee gem is managed by the local shire, and they’ve done such a great job setting it up. $20 for two adults per night and you get to camp right by the beach (but with just enough wind protection from the dunes!). You can explore the neighbouring sand dunes, swim at the beach or simply sit back and relax. It truly is perfection.

4. Watch the sunrise over the sand dunes

Roll out of bed (at Sandy Bay) and wander over to the sand dunes to watch the sun come up. There’s something so magical about watching the sky go all sorts of colours against the powdery white sand dunes.

5. Frolic, spin and play in the incredible sand dunes at Lancelin.

If you’re adventurous hire a sand board and slide to your hearts content! Like the Pinnacles, this also makes for a pretty epic spot to watch the Milky Way rise!

Our suggested weekend itinerary:

Friday (Perth -> Pinnacles -> Sandy Cape)

  • Leave work early and watch the sunset at the Pinnacles. Continue on to Sandy Cape and set up camp (note you will need good lighting as this will be in the dark!)

Saturday (Sandy Cape)

  • Wake up early and watch the sun rise over the sand dunes. Spend the day relaxing/ (catching up on sleep) at the campsite and watch the sun go down over the ocean with a picnic.

Sunday (Sandy Cape ->Jurien Bay -> Lancelin -> Perth)

  • Wake up early and head to Jurien Bay to watch the sun rise over the picturesque old Jetty. If you’re organised, pack breakfast and have a morning swim here. On your way back to Perth, stop in at Lancelin for some sand dune fun.

Have you visited this beautiful part of Australia? We would love to hear what you think!

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