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Kalbarri Roadtrip Guide

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

Located roughly six hours North of Perth, Kalbarri is a beautiful road trip destination. It boasts towering sea cliffs, calm swimming beaches and a range of scenic hikes. Because it is a bit of a drive from Perth, we recommend going for a minimum of three nights.

Our five favourite things to do in Kalbarri:

1. Check out the incredible Pink Lake at Port Gregory

Pink Lake is about 70 square kilometres in size and gets its unbelievable colour from bacteria being trapped in salt granules. We think a drone is best here so you can really capture the colour and size of the lake.


  • We find Pink Lake looks “pinkest” on cloudless days and is best mid-morning!

2. Spend the evening relaxing at the beautiful Coastal Cliffs

Our favourite coastal spots are Island Rock Lookout and Pot Alley (it looks like a massive stack of pancakes!). It can get pretty windy (so check the forecast) but we love sitting here and watching the waves come crashing in.

3. Watch the sunrise at the iconic Nature’s Window

Because this incredible rock formation is so well known, it’s unlikely you’ll get to watch the sunrise by yourself so we suggest arriving early! Most people actually prefer sunset at Nature's Window as it is silhouetted in the morning, but if you can pull the exposure down or even better, take two photos and blend them - you'll be laughing!


  • The best time of year for when the sun lines up with the window is between the end of October and the end of February (but you will want to be careful if you're hiking in the Summer as it can get very hot in Kalbarri).

  • Try and arrive early and if you can, avoid weekends!

4. Go for a hike in the National Park

Our favourite is the Loop Walk – an 8km return walk that will leave you speechless with the scenery. If you’re short of time, we suggest walking down to the riverbank (this was where we thought the landscape was most impressive) and then coming back up. Z Bend is a shorter walk (2.5km return) and will also spoil you with incredible cliff faces.

5. Watch the sun rise and set from your own secluded spot in the National Park

There are so many beautiful spots to watch the sun come up and go down, so don’t just try and get to Nature’s Window! A few of our favourites (which are much less busy!) are the lookout at Z Bend, up top on the Loop Walk (about 5 minutes past Nature’s Window) and the opposite side to Nature’s Window.

Have you been to Kalbarri? What were some of your favourite things to do?

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