Top 12 Kimberley Experiences

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Earlier this year we got married (woo) and loosely decided we would take our honeymoon over the winter months. But as the months rolled by, we found ourselves constantly looking at maps, blogs and travel sites but still unsure of where we wanted to go. Hawaii? The Maldives? Fiji? None of them were really us.

Then one weekend while were away in Vinnie, James said something that just made a whole lot of sense. “We are the happiest when we’re away in Vinnie”. And it got us thinking. Why couldn’t we roadtrip for our honeymoon? We love driving, camping and having the freedom to make our own itinerary. It made sense. So we started thinking about where could go and immediately thought of the Kimberley. We felt we missed the Kimberley on our 2016 roadtrip, as you really need a 4WD to experience it (it’s one of those places a Kombi just doesn’t cut it).

Within half an hour the two of us were sitting there with huge grins on our faces – excited at the prospect of getting a 4WD and roadtripping the Kimberley.

Our trip and top 12 experiences

We took a glorious two weeks off work and set off on our way, bumping along in our 4WD. On our trip, we experienced the Dampier Peninsula, Broome, the Gibb River Road and Purnululu National Park. After some very tricky deliberations, we have finally determined our top 12 Kimberley experiences.

1. Sunrise at Mitchell Falls

Waking up to see the rising sun hit the cliff walls of Mitchell Falls was nothing short of magic. We sat there for an hour or so, taking it all in. Live for the moments you can’t put into words – and this was definitely one for us.

2. Walking along Piccaninny creek at Purnululu National Park (the Bungle Bungles)

In our opinion, the most beautiful walk in the Kimberley. Every way we looked, we were spoiled with uninterrupted views of the incredible tiger striped domes.

3. Sunset at Bell Gorge

We loved Bell Gorge’s symmetry – the way the waterfall and mountain behind it lined up so perfectly. We actually visited the gorge at both sunrise and sunset but think our favourite would have to be sunset. As the sun was setting, it hit the mountain and gorge walls - making for an incredible glow.

4. The hike to MacMicking Pool in El Questro Gorge

We loved this hike because of the adventure it entailed. Getting to the start of the walk included a pretty deep creek crossing and as our 4WD didn’t have a snorkel, we opted to walk through the mud instead. After wading through the mud and doing an extra 2km to get to the start of the walk, we then scrambled over rocks, avoided a sneaky little snake and swam across a very chilly waterhole. But once we arrived at MacMicking pool we were speechless. It was a little slice of paradise. We spent the morning here, eating breakfast and admiring the falls.

5. Free camping along James Price Point

This was our first night in the Kimberley. And while it resulted in 89 mosquito bites for me (Charlotte), the striking Kimberley Colours made me forget all about the itching. We couldn’t believe a campsite perched on top of the red Pindan cliffs with uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean was free.

6. Sunset at Branco’s Lookout

We definitely ha