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Perth's Top 5 Sunrise & Sunset Spots

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

1. South Perth Foreshore - sunset

Our favourite spot to sit and watch the sun go down in Perth! Boasting beautiful views of the city skyline and green grass galore – South Perth foreshore is the perfect place for an evening picnic. Find yourself a secluded spot along the banks of the Swan River and get ready to watch some magic.


  • Pack mosquito spray!

2. Kings Park - sunrise

While Kings Park has beautiful views no matter what time of day it is, our favourite here is sunrise. We usually try and grab a spot near the State War Memorial, but a little bit back by Kaarta Gar-up is also great!


  • The best time to visit is during Winter as the sun rises directly behind the city then (assuming you're standing at the State War Memorial).

  • Check when prescribed burns are happening and try and tee up your sunrise to coincide with this! You’ll be blown away with the beautiful hazy sunrise in front of you!

3. Como Jetty - sunset

For just a simple timber jetty - the photo options are endless here! This is another great spot for sunset, particularly on a cloudy day. We love waiting until dusk so we can see the jetty lights start to twinkle. We recommend arriving nice and early as it can get pretty busy!


  • Try and visit at the end of September or March, as this is when the setting sun directly lines up with the jetty!

4. Lesmurdie Falls - sunset

Perched up in the hills, we love visiting Lesmurdie falls for sunset. Be sure to do the lovely Foot of the Falls trail, as the scenery is beautiful at both top and bottom. Up top you can shoot into the sunset (which is both gorgeous with and without clouds) and down bottom you can shoot the last light hitting the falls. We usually visit in the weekend and (by some miracle) have never found this gem packed.


  • The falls are best after a big rain!

5. Boat shed - sunrise

And last but certainly not least, Perth's infamous blue boat shed. We prefer shooting the boat shed at sunrise for two reasons; firstly, it’s much less busy (we have driven past at sunset before and seen lines of people) and secondly, there’s a higher chance the clouds will light up behind it (compared to sunset). Each time we have visited at sunrise there have only been 1-3 other people there (if you can avoid going during the weekend you’re onto a winner).


  • While there is never perfect alignment with the sun rising here, December and January are the best months (when the days are the longest).

Where are your favourite spots to watch the sun rise and set in Perth?

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